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5 guaranteed ways to build big arms

  1. Bicep curls

Bicep curls are an excellent exercise that targets the biceps muscle located in your upper arm. This exercise is simple to perform – hold a weight in each hand, palms facing up, and slowly curl the weight up towards your shoulders. You can do this with dumbbells, barbells, or resistance bands.

  1. Tricep dips

Tricep dips target the triceps – the muscle located on the back of your upper arm. To do this exercise, find a bench or sturdy surface. Seat your hands on the edge with fingers hooked around the surface and lower your body so that your arms are bent. Extend your arms by pushing down and then slowly lowering yourself back down. Repeat the process multiple times.

  1. Push-Ups

Push-ups are a compound exercise that works muscles in your arms, chest, and core. This exercise is quite challenging, but it is worth it. To do this exercise, position your hands shoulder-width apart and your feet slightly apart. Lower your body by bending your elbows while keeping your back straight. Push up and repeat the process for multiple sets.

  1. Hammer Curls

Hammer curls target both the biceps and forearms muscles. The exercise is simple; hold dumbbells, palms facing your body. While keeping your elbows close to your body and your palms facing inwards, slowly curl the weights towards your shoulder, then lower them back down.

  1. Overhead Triceps Extension

Overhead triceps extensions target the triceps muscle and are an excellent way to develop your arms. Grab a dumbbell and hold it above your head with your arms extended. Bend your arms behind your head, keeping your elbows close together, then extend them back up.

In conclusion, there are many exercises to build arm muscle. The details above are some of the most effective exercises that target the biceps, triceps, and forearms muscles. Incorporate these exercises into your workout routine regularly, and you’ll be well on your way to having strong, well-defined arms.

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